Desertfest, Astra, Berlin (DE)

Price: 49,50€

With Clutch, The Machine, Radio Moscow, The Graviators, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic, Radar Men from the Moon, Sasquatch, Sardonis, Stoned Jesus, Castle, Powder for Pigeons, DoctoR DooM

Lineup  DoctoR DooMJean-Laurent Pasquet  (voc, g) – Jérémie Delattre (g) – Sébastien Boutin Blomfield (b) – Michel Marcq (dr)

Lineup Powder for Pigeons: Rhys Jones (voc, g) – Meike Hindemith (dr)

Lineup Castle: Elizabeth Blackwell (voc, b) – Mat Davis (g) – Al McCartney (dr)

Lineup Stoned Jesus: Igor “Prog-Jester” Sidorenko (voc, g) – Nikolay “Kobold” (b) – Alex “EphirZ” (dr)

Lineup Sardonis: Roel Paulussen (g) – Jelle Stevens (dr)

Lineup Sasquatch: Keith Gibbs (voc, g) – Jason Casanova (b) – Rick Ferrante (dr)

Lineup Radar Men from the Moon: Glenn Peeters (g) – Jan-Titus Verkuijlen (b) – Tony Lathouwers (dr) – Niek Manders (keyb)

Lineup The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic: Ed Mundell (g) – Collyn McCoy (b) – Rick Ferrante (dr)

Lineup The Graviators: Niklas Sjöberg (voc) – Martin Fairbanks (g) – Johan Holm (b) – Henrik Bergman (dr)

Lineup Radio Moscow: Parker Griggs (voc, g) – Anthony Meier (b) – Paul Marrone (dr)

Lineup The Machine: David Eering (voc, g) – Hans van Heemst (b) – Davy Boogaard (dr)

Lineup Clutch: Neil Fallon (voc, g) – Tim Sult (g) – Dan Maines (b) – Jean-Paul Gaster (dr)

The Desertfest Berlin is a 3-days festival which took place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of April.
Clutch, Radio Moscow, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic, Sasquatch, and Stoned Jesus played on the main stage.
The Machine, The Graviators, Radar Men from the Moon, Sardonis, Castle, Powder for Pigeons and Doctor Doom played on the foyer stage.
I saw Castle which were excellent as I expected, Stoned Jesus, The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic, The Graviators, Radio Moscow, The Machine and Clutch (excellent as well).

Setlist Clutch:
1. Earth Rocker
2. The Mob Goes Wild
3. Cypress Grove
4. Book, Saddle, & Go
5. Crucial Velocity
6. Cyborg Bette
7. Spacegrass
8. D.C. Sound Attack!
9. Subtle Hustle
10. Oh, Isabella
11. Gravel Road
12. Burning Beard
13. Gone Cold
14. The Face
15. The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…
16. Unto the Breach
17. Electric Worry
18. One Eye Dollar

Setlist The Machine:
1. D.O.G.
2. Scooch
3. Awe
4. Not Only
5. Gamma
6. Crazy Horses (The Osmonds cover)
7. Kneiter

Ticket Desertfest

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