Pixies, Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin (DE)

Price: 47,25€

Support: Yuck

Lineup Yuck: Max Bloom (g, voc) – Edward Hayes (g) – Mariko Doi (b) – Jonny Rogoff (dr)

Lineup Pixies: Black Francis (voc, g) – Joey Santiago (g) – Kim Shattuck (b, voc) – Dave Lovering (dr, voc)

They played the same venue the day before, both shows were sold out.
Here are 2 videos from Hey and Where Is My Mind? from this concert.

Setlist Pixies:
1. In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)
2. Andro Queen
3. Where Is My Mind?
4. Wave of Mutilation
5. Indie Cindy
6. Motorway to Roswell
7. La La Love You
8. The Holiday Song
9. Nimrod’s Son
10. Cactus
11. Winterlong (Neil Young cover)
12. Bagboy
13. Dead
14. Something Against You
15. Crackity Jones
16. Ed Is Dead
17. Mr. Grieves
18. Tony’s Theme
19. Allison
20. I’m Amazed
21. Big New Prinz (The Fall cover)
22. Isla de Encanta
23. Hey
24. Havalina
25. Magdalena 318
26. Alec Eiffel
27. U-Mass
28. What Goes Boom
29. Tame
30. Rock Music
31. Gouge Away
32. Planet of Sound

Ticket PixiesPixiesPlakat


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