Dream Theater, Columbiahalle, Berlin (DE)

Price: 46€

Support: Periphery

Lineup Periphery: Spencer Sotelo (voc) – Misha “Bulb” Mansoor (g) – Jake Bowen (g) – Alex Bois (g) – Tom Murphy (b) – Matt Halpern (dr)

Lineup Dream Theater: James LaBrie (voc) – John Petrucci (g) – John Myung (b) – Jordan Rudess (keyb) – Mike Mangini (dr)

A Dramatic Tour of Events. Missed Periphery.

Setlist Periphery (as found on setlist.fm):
1. New Groove
2. Letter Experiment
3. Jetpacks Was Yes!
4. Buttersnips
5. Icarus Lives!
6. Racecar

Setlist Dream Theater:
1. Bridges in the Sky
2. 6:00
3. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
4. Surrounded
5. The Dark Eternal Night / Drum Solo
6. A Fortune in Lies
7. Outcry
8. Wait for Sleep
9. Far from Heaven
10. On the Backs of Angels
11. War Inside My Head
12. The Test that Stumped Them All
13. The Spirit Carries On
14. Breaking All Illusions
15. As I Am

~ by alifeofconcerts on January 30, 2012.

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