Ugly Kid Joe, Le Transbordeur, Lyon (FR)

Price: 105 Fr

Lineup Ugly Kid Joe: Whitfield Crane (voc) – Klaus Eichstadt (g) – Dave Fortman (g) – Cordell Crockett (b) – Mark Davis (dr)

Amerika’s Least Wanted Tour ’92

1. Madman
2. Whiplash Liquor
3. Panhandlin’ Prince
4. Too Bad
5. Same Side
6. Come Tomorrow
7. Don’t Go
8. Busy Bee
9. Neighbor
10. So Damn Cool
11. Sweet Leaf / Funk Fresh Country Club
12. Goddamn Devil
13. Everything About You
14. Cat’s in the Cradle (Harry Chapin cover)
15. Heavy Metal

Ticket Ugly Kid Joe

~ by alifeofconcerts on November 11, 1992.

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