Angel Witch, Cassiopeia, Berlin (DE)

Price: 23€

Support: Night

Lineup Night: Oskar Andersson (voc, g) – Sammy Ouirra (g) – Joseph Max (b) – Linus Fritzson (dr)

Lineup Angel Witch: Kevin Heybourne (voc, g) – Jimmy Martin (g) – Will Palmer (b) – Fredrik Jansson (dr)

Missed Night.

Setlist Night:
1. Where Silence Awaits
2. Running in the Night
3. Time
4. Under the Gallows
5. Gunpowder Treason
6. Fire Across the Sky
7. Strike of Lightning
8. Surrender

Setlist Angel Witch:
1. Death From Andromeda
2. Atlantis
3. Dead Sea Scrolls
4. We Are Damned
5. Sorcerers
6. White Witch
7. Angel of Light
8. The Night Is Calling
9. Don’t Turn Your Back
10. Dr. Phibes
11. Angel of Death
12. Baphomet
13. Angel Witch

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