Satyricon, SO36, Berlin (DE)

Price: 30,45€

Support: Suicidal Angels, Fight the Fight

Lineup Fight the Fight: Lars Vegas (voc) – Amok (g) – Lord (g) – HM (b) – Detyler (dr)

Lineup Suicidal Angels: Nick Melissourgos (voc, g) – Gus Drax (g) – Angelos Kritsotakis (b) – Orpheas Tzortzopoulos (dr)

Lineup Satyricon: Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven (voc, g) – Steinar Gundersen (g) – Anders Odden (b) – Anders Hunstad (keyb) – Kjetil-Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad (dr)

European Tour 2017. Missed Fight the Fight and Suicidal Angels.

Setlist Suicidal Angels:
1. Capital of War
2. Bloodbath
3. Front Gate
4. Eternally to Suffer
5. Seed of Evil
6. Moshing Crew
7. Apokathilosis

Setlist Satyricon:
1. Midnight Serpent
2. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
3. Black Crow on a Tombstone
4. Deep Calleth Upon Deep
5. Walker Upon the Wind
6. Repined Bastard Nation
7. Commando
8. Now, Diabolical
9. To Your Brethren in the Dark
10. The Ghost of Rome
11. Transcendental Requiem of Slaves
12. Mother North
13. The Pentagram Burns
14. Fuel For Hatred
Encore 2:
15. K.I.N.G.

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