Horisont, Privatclub, Berlin (DE)

Support: ’77, Black Mirrors

Lineup ’77: Armand Valeta (voc, g) – LG Valeta (g) – Guillem Martinez (b) – Andy Cobo (dr)

Lineup Black Mirrors: Marcella Di Troia (voc) – Pierre Lateur (g) – Gino Caponi (b) – Edouard Cabuy (dr)

Lineup Horisont: Axel Söderberg (voc) – Charles Van Loo (g) – David Kalin (g) – Magnus Delborg (b) – Pontus Jordan (dr)

About Time Tour 2017.
Sold out show. Missed ’77 and Black Mirrors. Horisont were excellent. They brought Armand Valeta on stage to cover Kiss’ “C’mon and Love Me”. They also covered Richard Harris’ “The Hive” from their last album as well as UFO’s “Rock Bottom”.
Afterwards I joined some friends at the K19 and caught the two last songs of the band Bad Future, which sounds good…


~ by alifeofconcerts on March 30, 2017.

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