Possessed / Belphegor, Nuke Club, Berlin (DE)

Price: 25€

Support: ABSU, From Hell, Cold Raven

Lineup Cold Raven: Damien (voc) – Haures (g) – Vuall (g) – Zograth (b) – Infernal Prophet (dr)

Lineup From Hell: George “Sinn” Anderson (voc, g) – Claudeous Creamer (g) – Damien Sisson (b) – Wes Anderson (dr)

Lineup ABSU: Proscriptor McGovern (voc, dr) – Vis Crom (g) – Ezezu (b)

Lineup Belphegor: Helmuth (voc, g) – Impaler (g) – Serpenth (b) – Bloodhammer (dr) –

Lineup Possessed: Jeff Becerra (voc) – Daniel Gonzalez (g) – Robert Cardenas (b) – Emilio Marquez (dr)

Evil Over Europe Tour, Possessed and Belphegor as double headliner, rotating each night. Possessed headlined.
Missed ABSU, From Hell and Cold Raven.

Setlist Belphegor:
1. Feast Upon the Dead
2. Bleeding Salvation
3. Gasmask Terror
4. Diaboli Virtus in Lumbar Est
5. Belphegor – Hell’s Ambassador
6. Lucifer Incestus
7. Conjuring The Dead / Pactum in Aeternum
8. Bondage Goat Zombie
9. Apophis–Totenbeschworer
10. Totenkult – Exegesis Of Deterioration

Ticket Possessed


~ by alifeofconcerts on December 10, 2016.

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