Los Suaves, Península de la Magdalena, Santander (ES)

Price: 17€

Support: Boni, ADN, Poetas de Botella

Lineup Poetas de Botella: Robe (voc) – Danko (g) – Yoni (g) – Julio (b) – Tolo (dr)

Lineup ADN: Iván Longo (voc, g) – Pablo (b) – Luky (dr)

Lineup Boni: Javier Hernández ‘Boni’ (voc, g) – Ion de Luis (g) – Óscar Muñoz (b) – Juan Carlos Aizpún (dr)

Lineup Los Suaves: Yosi Domínguez (voc) – Alberto Cereijo (g) – Fernando Calvo (g) – Charlie Dominguez (b) – Tino Mojón (dr)

La música termina Tour.
Open air concert for the Música en Grande Santander festival. Missed Poetas de Botella and ADN.
Javier Hernández ‘Boni’ was the former singer and guitar player of the band Barricada.
This was the third and last time I saw Los Suaves live, they were brilliant. Unfortunately, Yosi suffered a 2 meter fall from the stage after the concert and the band had to cancel the gig in Gijón the day after as well as the gig in Mallorca on July, 27th. They were supposed to resume the concerts in September but had to cancel them since Yosi was not yet ready to get back on stage.
The band announced on November 8th, 2016 that the very last concert of the band, scheduled on December 17th, 2016 in Ourense is also canceled.

This was the last concert from Los Suaves until further notice…

Setlist Los Suaves:
1. Preparados para el rockanroll
2. Palabras para Julia
3. Maldita sea mi suerte
4. Adiós, adiós
5. Cuando los sueños se van
6. Pardao
7. ¿Sabes? ¡Phil Lynott murió!
8. Por una vez en la vida
9. No puedo dejar el rock
10. Mi casa
11. El afilador
12. Dolores se llamaba Lola
13. San Francisco Express
14. Massacre (Thin Lizzy cover)
15. Baby Please Don’t Go
16. Ya nos vamos

Ticket Los Suaves


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