Steve Vai, Columbia Theater, Berlin (DE)

Lineup Steve Vai: Steve Vai (g) – Dave Weiner (g) – Philip Bynoe (b) – Jeremy Colson (dr)

Passion And Warfare 25th Anniversary Tour. The album “Passion And Warfare” was played in its entirety.
Pre-recorded videos of Joe Satriani playing with the band during “Answers” and John Petrucci during “The Audience Is Listening” were shown, as well as a live video of Frank Zappa’s band, with a 20-year old Steve Vai, during “Stevie’s Spanking”.

Here’s a video from “The Animal” filmed at this concert.

1. Bad Horsie
2. The Crying Machine
3. Gravity Storm
4. Whispering a Prayer
5. Liberty
6. Erotic Nightmares
7. The Animal
8. Answers
9. The Riddle
10. Ballerina 12/24
11. For the Love of God
12, The Audience Is Listening
13. I Would Love To
14. Blue Powder
15. Greasy Kid’s Stuff
16. Alien Water Kiss
17. Sisters
18. Love Secrets
19. Stevie’s Spanking (Frank Zappa cover)
20. Build Me a Song
21. Racing the World
22. Fire Garden Suite IV – Taurus Bulba

Ticket Steve Vai


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