Zakk Wylde, Santana 27, Bilbao (ES)

Support: Ciclonautas

Lineup Ciclonautas: Mai Medina (voc, g) – Javiertxo Pintor (b) – Alen Ayerdi (dr)

Lineup Zakk Wylde: Zakk Wylde (voc, g, keyb, harmonica) – Dario Lorina (g, keyb) – John DeServio (b) – Jeff Fabb (dr)

Book of Shadows II Tour.
Zakk Wylde toured under his name with the musicians from his band Black Label Society.
The venue was quite empty, around 250-300 people attended the concert, which was excellent…
Zakk Wylde went into the public for a long introducing solo during “Throwin’ It All Away” (see a video here). “Sold My Soul” also featured an extended outro solo.

Setlist Zakk Wylde:
1. Sold My Soul
2. Autumn Changes
3. Tears of December
4. Lay Me Down
5. Road Back Home
6. Yesterday’s Tears
7. Between Heaven and Hell
8. Darkest Hour
9. Throwin’ It All Away
10. Dead as Yesterday
11. Eyes of Burden
12. Way Beyond Empty
13. The King
14. Lost Prayer
15. Sleeping Dogs

Ticket Zakk Wylde


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