Metal Church, Columbia Theater, Berlin (DE)

Support: Bliksem, Distillator

Lineup Distillator: Laurens H. (voc, g) – Frank R. (b,voc) – Marco P. (dr)

Lineup Bliksem: Peggy Meeussen (voc) – Jeroen De Vriese (g) – Toon Huet (g) – Jan Rammeloo (b) – Rob Martin (dr)

Lineup Metal Church: Mike Howe (voc) – Kurdt Vanderhoof (g) – Rick Van Zandt (g) Steve Unger (b) – Jeff Plate (dr)

This was the last date of the european tour 2016. Missed Distillator and Bliksem, and the concert began so early that we saw only the last 30mn of Metal Church, which is a shame because Metal Church were really good (love the reunion with Mike Howe).

Setlist Metal Church:
1. Fake Healer
2. In Mourning
3. Start the Fire
4. Reset
5. Gods of Second Chance
6. Date with Poverty
7. No Tomorrow
8. Watch the Children Pray
9. No Friend of Mine (Including Rick Van Zandt Guitar Solo)
10. Killing Your Time
11. Beyond the Black
12. Badlands
13. The Human Factor

Ticket Metal Church


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