Death DTA, La Laiterie, Strasbourg (FR)

Support: Bodyfarm

Lineup Bodyfarm: Thomas Wouters (voc, g) – Alex Seegers (b) – Bram Hilhorst (g) – Quint Meerbeek (dr)

Lineup Death DTA: Max Phelps (voc, g) – Bobby Koelble (g) – Steve Di Giorgio (b) – Gene Hoglan (dr)

European Thought Patterns Tour.
The venue was half empty, excellent concert.

Setlist Death DTA:
1. The Philosopher
2. Leprosy / Left to Die
3. Living Monstrosity
4. Suicide Machine
5. Overactive Imagination
6. Trapped in a Corner
7. Raining Blood (Slayer cover)
8. Lack of Comprehension
9. Out of Touch
10. Spiritual Healing / Within the Mind
11. Flattening of Emotions
12. Destiny
13. Symbolic
14. Zero Tolerance
15. Bite the Pain
16. Spirit Crusher
17. Zombie Ritual / Baptized in Blood
18. Crystal Mountain
19. Pull the Plug

Ticket Death DTA


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