Clutch, Astra, Berlin (DE)

Support: Bombus

Lineup Bombus: Fredrik “Feffe” Berglund (voc, g) – Matthias “Matte” Jacobsson (voc, g) – Ola Henriksson (b) – Peter Asp (dr)

Lineup Clutch: Neil Fallon (voc, g) – Tim Sult (g) – Dan Maines (b) – Jean-Paul Gaster (dr)

Psychic Warfare World Tour 2015. Missed Bombus.
The show was initially planned at the Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof but was moved to the bigger Astra, which was sold out.
Hong Faux were on the bill and were supposed to play after Bombus, but they couldn’t make it to Berlin because their tour bus broke down just outside of Hannover and they found no other options to come to the show.

Setlist Clutch:
1. X-Ray Visions
2. Firebirds!
3. Crucial Velocity
4. Burning Beard
5. A Quick Death in Texas
6. Sucker for the Witch
7. Your Love Is Incarceration
8. Book, Saddle, & Go
9. The Regulator
10. Noble Savage
11. Decapitation Blues
12. The Soapmakers
13. Behold the Colossus
14. Son of Virginia
15. Earth Rocker
16. D.C. Sound Attack!
17. The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…

Ticket Clutch


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