Fear Factory, Columbia Theater, Berlin (DE)

Support: Once Human, Dead Label

Lineup Dead Label: Dan O’ Grady (voc, b) – Danny Hall (g) – Claire Percival (dr)

Lineup Once Human: Lauren Hart (voc) – Logan Mader (g) – Skyler Howren (g) – Damien Rainaud (b) – Dillon Trollope (dr)

Lineup Fear Factory: Burton C. Bell (voc) – Dino Cazares (g) – Tony Campos (b) – Mike Heller (dr)

Demanufacture 20th anniversary tour. Missed Dead Label and Once Human.
The album Demanufacture was played in its entirety.

Setlist Fear Factory:
1. Demanufacture
2. Self Bias Resistor
3. Zero Signal
4. Replica
5. New Breed
6. Dog Day Sunrise (Head of David cover)
7. Body Hammer
8. Flashpoint
9. H-K (Hunter-Killer)
10. Pisschrist
11. A Therapy for Pain
12. Shock
13. Edgecrusher
14. Soul Hacker
15. Dielectric
16. Regenerate
17. Martyr

Ticket Fear Factory


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