Loudblast, K17, Berlin (DE)

Support: Mercyless, Fallen Saints, Psychaotic

Lineup Psychaotic: Jens “Cannibaloki” Staschel (voc) – Pedda Jay (g) Liviu Noptishanu (b) – Kalle Karlashnikov (dr)

Lineup Fallen Saints: Oli Meyer (voc) – Guido Reich (g) – Julian Haverkamp (g) – Guido “Lars” Lüttmann (dr)

Lineup Mercyless: Max Otero (voc, g) – Stephane Viard (g) – Gautier Merklen (b) – Laurent Michalak (dr)

Lineup Loudblast: Stéphane Buriez (voc, g) – Drakhian (g) – Heimoth C. Krueger (b) – Hervé Coquerel (dr)

Seth‘s guitar player took up the bass duties during Loudblast’s German tour, replacing Alex Lenormand who could not make the tour due to family reasons.
Matthieu Merklen, bass player for Mercyless, could also not make the tour because he was expecting his second child. Gautier Merklen, normally on the guitar, took up the bass and Stephane Viard, original guitar player for Mercyless, was back for a few shows.

Missed Psychaotic and Fallen Saints.
“The Last Burial Round” Tour. We were only around 15-20 people at this show, but Mercyless and Loudblast gave everything. Loudblast is a great live band.

Setlist Mercyless:
1. Infamy
2. Substance of Purity
3. God is Dreaming
4. A Message for All Those Who Died
5. Without Christ
6. Eucharistic Adoration
7. Abject Offerings
8. Probably Impure
9. Burned at the Stake
10. Deathhammer (Asphyx cover)
11. Evil Dead (Death cover)

Ticket Loudblast


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