Christian Mistress, Cortina Bob, Berlin (DE)

Price: 10€

Support: Magister Templi

Lineup Magister Templi: Abraxas d’Ruckus (voc) – Baphomet (g) – Patriark (g) – Akoman (b) – Grimdun (dr)

Lineup Christian Mistress: Christine Davis (voc) – Tim Diedrich (g) – Oscar Sparbel (g) – Jonny Wulf (b) – Reuben Storey (dr)

Setlist Magister Templi:
1. Creation
2. Nyarlathotep
3. Osiris
4. Horus the Avenger
5. Leviathan
6. Slaying Apophis
7. Master of the Temple
8. Bornless

Setlist Christian Mistress:
1. III
2. Open Road
3. Ultimate Freedom
4. Pentagram and Crucifix
5. Black to Gold
6. Neon
7. Desert Rose
8. Haunted Hunted
9. Stronger Than Blood
10. Black Vigil
11. Possession
12. Walkin’ Around


~ by alifeofconcerts on October 8, 2015.

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