Suicidal Tendencies, Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin (DE)

Support: Crushing Caspars

Lineup Crushing Caspars: Snoopy (voc, g) – Eric (g, voc) – Jan (b, voc) – Mäxx Hämma (dr)

Lineup Suicidal Tendencies: Mike Muir (voc) – Nico Santora (g) – Dean Pleasants (g) – Michael Morgan (b) – Eric Moore (dr)

Summer Tour 2015.
Missed Crushing Caspars.
Excellent concert, old school setlist…

Setlist Suicidal Tendencies (not sure of the order):
1. You Can’t Bring Me Down
2. I Shot the Devil
3. Subliminal
4. Two Sided Politics
5. We Are Family
6. War Inside My Head
7. Freedumb
8. Send My Your Money
9. Cyco Vision
10. Go Skate (Possessed to Skate ’97)
11. I Saw Your Mommy
12. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
13. Pledge Your Allegiance
14. Institutionalized

Ticket Suicidal Tendencies


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