Tricky, Yaam, Berlin (DE)

Price: 31,50€

Lineup Tricky: Tricky (voc) – K Bleax (voc) – Tristan Cassel-Delavois (g) – Luke Harris (dr)

The Yaam was quite full, possibly the concert from Tricky I enjoyed the least, I was probably not in the mood…
There was an aftershow set with Sam Binga, CEESarah Farina & Soulmind.

Possible setlist Tricky:
1. Silver Tongue – When You Go
2. You Don’t Wanna (Instrumental)
3. I live alone
4. Puppy Toy
5. Parenthesis
6. Do You Love Me Now (Breeders cover)
7. Nothing’s Changed
8. Lonnie Listen
9. My Palestine Girl
10. Why Don’t You
11. Overcome
12. Black Steel (Public Enemy cover)
13. Nothing Matters
14. Nicotine Love
15. Really Real (Instrumental)
16. Sun Down
17. Vent
18. By Myself


~ by alifeofconcerts on January 30, 2015.

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