Saint Vitus, SO36, Berlin (DE)

Support: Orange Goblin

Lineup Orange Goblin: Ben Ward (voc) – Joe Hoare (g) – Martyn Millard (b) – Chris Turner (dr)

Lineup Saint Vitus: Wino Weinrich (voc) – Dave Chandler (g) – Mark Adams (b) – Henry Vasquez (dr)

Saint Vitus 35th anniversary tour where they performed the album “Born Too Late” in its entirety.
Orange Goblin are an excellent live band.

Possible setlist Orange Goblin:
1. Scorpionica
2. Acid Trial
3. Saruman’s Wish
4. Sabbath Hex
5. Heavy Lies the Crown
6. Blue Snow
7. Some You Win, Some You Lose
8. Into the Arms of Morpheus
9. The Devil’s Whip
10. The Fog
11. They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls)
12. Quincy the Pigboy
13. Red Tide Rising

Setlist Saint Vitus:
1. Living Backwards
2. I Bleed Black
3. War Is Our Destiny
4. Blessed Night
5. Let Them Fall
6. White Stallions
7. The Troll
8. The War Starter
9. The Lost Feeling
10. H.A.A.G.
11. Dying Inside
12. Clear Windowpane
13. Born Too Late
14. Saint Vitus
Encore 2:
15. The Waste of Time

Ticket Saint Vitus


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