Metal Hammer Awards 2014, Kesselhaus, Berlin (DE)

with Blind Guardian, Paradise Lost, Deadlock and Reactory

Lineup Reactory: Hänz Hazard (voc) – Jerry Reactor (g) – Ulli Meister (b) – Atomic Dude (drums)

Lineup Deadlock: Sabine Scherer (voc) – John Gahlert (voc) – Ferdinand Rewicki (g) – Sebastian Reichl (g) – Werner Riedl (dr)

Lineup Paradise Lost: Nick Holmes (voc) – Greg Mackintosh (g) – Aaron Aedy (g) – Steve Edmondson (b) – Adrian Erlandsson (dr)

Lineup Blind Guardian: Hansi Kürsch (voc) – André Olbrich (g) – Marcus Siepen (g) – Barend Courbois (b) – Frederik Ehmke (dr)

The event was hosted by Doro Pesch and Martin Kesici.

The winners of the awards are here.

The show was attended by:
In Flames
Amon Amarth
Within Temptation
Arch Enemy
Lacuna Coil
In Extremo

Missed Reactory.

Setlist Paradise Lost:
1. The Enemy
2. Erased
3. Isolate
4. Tragic Idol
5. Fates Divide Us
6. As I Die
7. One Second
8. Say Just Words

Setlist Blind Guardian:
1. Into the Storm
2. Nightfall
3. Fly
4. Lost in the Twilight Hall
5. Bright Eyes
6. Lord of the Rings
7. Majesty
8. Traveler in Time
9. Wheel of Time
10. Valhalla
11. Brian
12. Barbara Ann (The Regents cover)
13. Mirror Mirror

Ticket Metal Hammer Awards 2014


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