Scorpion Child, Comet Club, Berlin (DE)

Price: 18€

Support: Horisont, Jackson Firebird

Lineup Jackson Firebird: Brendan Harvey (voc, g) – Dale Hudak (dr, voc)

Lineup Horisont: Axel Söderberg (voc) – Charles Van Loo (g) – Kristofer Möller (g) – Magnus Delborg (b) – Pontus Jordan (dr)

Lineup Scorpion Child: Aryn Jonathan Black (voc) – Christopher Jay Cowart (g) – Shaun Diettrick Avants (b) – Jon “Charn” Rice (dr)

Setlist Horisont:
1. She Cried Wolf
2. The Unseen
3. On the Run
4. Writing on the Wall
5. Second Assault
6. Crusaders of Death
7. Time Warrior
8. Just Ain’t Right
9. Diamonds In Orbit (Dedicated to Ronnie James Dio)
10. Visa Vägen
11. Nightrider
12. Eyes of the Father

Setlist Scorpion Child:
1. I Might Be a Man
2. Liquor / Drum Solo
3. The Secret Spot
4. Salvation Slave
5. Antioch
6. In the Arms of Ecstasy
7. Kings Highway
8. Unknown
9. Polygon of Eyes
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover) / Keep Goin’

Ticket Scorpion Child


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