Grand Magus, C-Club, Berlin (DE)

Support: Audrey Horne, Zodiac, The Vintage Caravan

Lineup The Vintage Caravan: Óskar Logi Ágústsson (g, voc) – Alexander Örn Númason (b) – Guðjón Reynisson (dr)

Lineup Zodiac: Nick Van Delft (voc, g) – Stephan Gall (g) – Ruben Claro (b, keyb) – Janosch Rathmer (dr)

Lineup Audrey Horne: Toschie (voc) – Ice Dale (g) – Thomas Tofthagen (g) – Espen Lien (b) – Kjetil Greve (dr)

Lineup Grand Magus: Janne “JB” Christoffersson (voc, g) – Fox (b) – Ludwig “Ludde” Witt (dr)

Rock Revelation Tour 2014.
Missed The Vintage Caravan and Zodiac.

Setlist The Vintage Caravan:
1. Craving
2. M.A.R.S.W.A.T.T
3. Expand Your Mind
4. Let Me Be
5. Cocaine Sally
6. (Unknown)

Setlist Zodiac:
1. A Bit of Devil
2. Free
3. Blue Jean Blues (ZZ Top cover)
4. Moonshine
5. Coming Home

Setlist Audrey Horne:
1. Redemption Blues
2. Bridges and Anchors
3. Youngblood
4. There Goes a Lady
5. Pretty Little Sunshine
6. Cards With the Devil
7. Gravity
8. This Ends Here
9. Wolf In My Heart
10. Show and Tell
11. Blaze of Ashes
12. Straight Into Your Grave

Setlist Grand Magus:
1. I, the Jury
2. Sword of the Ocean
3. On Hooves of Gold
4. Ravens Guide Our Way
5. Like The Oar Strikes The Water / Drum Solo
6. Steel Versus Steel
7. Valhalla Rising
8. Iron Will (with Johann Hegg from Amon Amarth)
9. Triumph and Power
10. Hammer Of The North

Ticket Grand Magus


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