Suicidal Tendencies, Astra, Berlin (DE)

EMP Persistence Tour with Suicidal Tendencies, Terror, Strife, Evergreen Terrace, Ramallah, Nasty and The Arrs.

Lineup The Arrs: Nico (voc) – Pierre (g) – Stefo (g) – Phil (b) – Toki (dr)

Lineup Nasty: Matthi (voc) – Chris (g) – Berri (b) – Nash (dr)

Lineup Ramallah: Rob Lind (voc) – Craig Silverman (g) – Jason Zucco (g) – Dominic DiBenedetto (b) – Robert Falzano (dr)

Lineup Evergreen Terrace: Andrew Carey (voc) – Craig Chaney (g, voc) – Alex Varian (g) – Jason Southwell (b) – Brad Moxey (dr)

Lineup Strife: Rick Rodney (voc) – Andrew Kline (g) – Todd Turnham (g) – Chad Peterson (b) – Craig Anderson (dr)

Lineup Terror: Scott Vogel (voc) – Martin Stewart (g) – Jordan Posner (g) – David Wood (b) – Nick Jett (dr)

Lineup Suicidal Tendencies: Mike Muir (voc) – Nico Santora (g) – Dean Pleasants (g) – Tim Williams (b) – Eric Moore (dr)

Missed The Arrs, Nasty and Ramallah.
Great hardcore concert, lots of stage diving, circle pits…

Setlist Strife:
1. Waiting
2. Torn Apart
3. Will to Die
4. Stand As One (Redemption)
6. Carry the Torch
8. To An End
9. Through And Through
10. Blistered

Setlist Terror:
1. Keepers of the Faith
2. Better Off Without You
3. Stick Tight
4. Out of My Face
5. Hard Lessons
6. Live by the Code
7. One With the Underdogs
8. Push It Away
9. Strike You Down
10. Always the Hard Way
11. Spit My Rage
12. You’re Caught
13. Return to Strength
14. Keep Your Mouth Shut

Setlist Suicidal Tendencies:
1. You Can’t Bring Me Down
2. Freedumb
3. Possessed to Skate
4. I Saw Your Mommy
5. Smash It!
6. War Inside My Head
7. Subliminal
8. Slam City
9. Cyco Vision
10. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
11. Pledge Your Allegiance
12. Memories of Tomorrow

Ticket Suicidal Tendencies


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