Agnostic Front, SO36, Berlin (DE)

Support: Thinner, Punishable Act, Got Nuthin’

Lineup Got Nuthin’: Steve (voc) – Alex (g) – Kinski (g) – Muddy (b) – Marcus (dr)

Lineup Punishable Act: Mike (voc) – Botte (g) – Sven (g) – Mario (b) – Robert (dr)

Lineup Thinner: Adrian Theiner (voc, g) – Philipp Kopp (b) – Alberto Carpanelli-Quezada (dr)

Lineup Agnostic Front: Roger Miret (voc) – Vinnie Stigma (g) – Joseph James (g) – Mike Gallo (b) – Pokey (dr)

Missed Punishable Act and Got Nuthin’.
The SO36 was packed, lots of energy…

Possible setlist Agnostic Front:
1. The Eliminator
2. Dead to Me
3. My Life My Way
4. That’s Life
5. For My Family
6. Friend or Foe
7. Victim In Pain
8. All Is Not Forgotten
9. Peace
10. Crucified
11. Gotta Go
12. Riot, Riot, Upstart
13. Police State
14. A Mi Manera
15. Addiction
16. Pauly the Dog
17. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)

Ticket Agnostic Front


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