Satyricon, Lido, Berlin (DE)

Support: Chthonic

Lineup Chthonic: Freddy Lim (voc, erhu) – Jesse Liu (g) – Doris Yeh (b) – CJ Kao (keyb) – Dani Wang (dr)

Lineup Satyricon: Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven (voc, g) – Diogo “Yogy” Bastos (g) – Anders Odden (b) – Job Bos (keyb) – Kjetil-Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad (dr)

Raiding of Europe 2013 Tour.
Incredible performance from Satyricon, excellent sound, excellent audience.

Setlist Chthonic:
1. Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
2. Sail into the Sunsets Fire
3. Southern Cross
4. Next Republic
5. Set Fire to the Island
6. Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace
7. Takao

Setlist Satyricon:
1. Voice of Shadows
2. Hvite Krists Død
3. Now, Diabolical
4. Black Crow on a Tombstone
5. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
6. Nocturnal Flare
7. Possessed
8. Nekrohaven
9. The Infinity of Time and Space
10. Forhekset
11. To the Mountains
12. The Pentagram Burns
13. Mother North
14. Fuel for Hatred
15. K.I.N.G.

Ticket Satyricon




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