Death to All, C-Club, Berlin (DE)

Price: 24€

Support: DarkRise, Obscura

Lineup DarkRise: Greg (voc) – Pingu (g) – Nico (g) – Wil (b) – Axel (dr)

Lineup Obscura: Steffen Kummerer (g, voc) – Christian Muenzner (g) – Linus Klausenitzer (b) – Hannes Grossmann (dr)

Lineup Death to All: Max Phelps (voc, g) – Paul Masvidal (g) – Steve DiGiorgio (b) – Sean Reinert (dr)

The concert was initially planed to take place at the Bi Nuu but was moved to a larger venue due to the demand. The C-Club was not sold out but well attended.
Missed DarkRise. Obscura played around 50mn.

Setlist Death to All:
1. Flattening of Emotions
2. Leprosy / Left To Die
3. Suicide Machine
4. In Human Form
5. Spiritual Healing / Within the Mind
6. Cosmic Sea
Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Video
7. Zombie Ritual / Baptized In Blood
8. Crystal Mountain
9. Spirit Crusher (with Steffen Kummerer on vocals and guitar and without Paul Masvidal)
10. Together as One
11. Lack of Comprehension
12. Pull the Plug

Ticket Death to All




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