Orange Goblin, Lido, Berlin (DE)

Support: Grandloom

Lineup Grandloom: Tom (g) – Hans (b) – Tim (dr)

Lineup Orange Goblin: Ben Ward (voc, g) – Neil Kingsbury (g) – Martyn Millard (b) – Chris Turner (dr)

The show was initially planed at the Festsaal Kreuzberg which burnt down on July 20th.
This was the first show for Grandloom’s new drummer who replaced Rischi who went on to the band Heat.
Neil Kingsbury of Blackstorm filled in for Joe Hoare in Orange Goblin who was recovering from an injury.

Possible setlist Orange Goblin:
1. Scorpionica
2. The Filthy & the Few
3. Made of Rats
4. Blue Snow
5. The Fog
6. Cozmo Bozo
7. Stand for Something
8. The Ballad of Solomon Eagle
9. Cities of Frost
10. Your World Will Hate This
11. Round Up the Horses
12. Some You Win, Some You Lose
13. Quincy the Pigboy
14. Red Tide Rising

Ticket Orange Goblin


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