Luarca Metal Fest, Velódromo Municipal de Barcia, Luarca (ES)

with Destruction, Overkill, Asfixia, Exodia, Soldier

Lineup Soldier: Phil González (voc, g) – Dani Pérez (g) – Pei García (b) – Lucas Díaz (dr)

Lineup Exodia: Amando Milla (voc) – Pablo Tello (g) – Rafa Las Heras (g) – Victor Tello (b) – Toni Camarero (dr)

Lineup Asfixia: Manuel “Manulator” Fernandez (voc, b) – Miguel “Mac” Cuesta (g) – Marcos “Komanche” Morales (g) – Jorge “Perú” Tejero (dr)

Lineup Overkill: Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth (voc) – Dave Linsk (g) – Derek “The Skull” Tailer (g) – D.D. Verni (b) – Ron Lipnicki (dr)

Lineup Destruction: Marcel „Schmier“ Schirmer (voc, b) – Michael „Mike“ Sifringer (g) – Wawrzyniec “Vaaver ” Dramowicz (dr)

We saw only Overkill and Destruction. The Luarca Metal Fest is a 2-days festival, the day before was with the following bands: Black Horde, Helltrip, Döria, Jose Rubio’s Nova Era and Bullet.
In spite of the spartan conditions on the site, we saw a very good set from both bands.

Setlist Overkill:
1. Come and Get It
2. Rotten to the Core
3. Wrecking Crew
4. Bring Me the Night
5. Electric Rattlesnake
6. Infectious
7. Ironbound
8. Hello From the Gutter
9. Save Yourself
10. Old School
11. Who Tends the Fire
12. In Union We Stand
13. Elimination
14. Coma
15. Fuck You (The Subhumans cover)

Setlist Destruction:
1. Thrash Till Death
2. Spiritual Genocide
3. Nailed to the Cross
4. Mad Butcher
5. Armageddonizer
6. Eternal Ban
7. Life Without Sense
8. Total Desaster
9. Carnivore
10. Hate Is My Fuel
11. Tormentor
12. The Butcher Strikes Back
13. Bestial Invasion
14. Curse the God

Ticket Luarca Metal Fest


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