Pro Pain, SO36, Berlin (DE)

Support: Six Reasons To Kill, Undivided, Don Gatto, Protection of Hate

Lineup Protection of Hate: Inge (voc, g) – Mira (b) – Schrod (dr)

Lineup Don Gatto: Weisz (voc, b) – Acélos (g) – Halász (dr)

Lineup Undivided: Dante Scioscia (voc, g) – Max Velez (voc, b) – Nick Koykas (g) – Joe Dooling (dr)

Lineup Six Reasons To Kill: Lars (voc) – Loc (g) – Marco (g) – Schnack (b) – Flo (dr)

Lineup Pro Pain: Gary Meskil (voc, b) – Adam Phillips (g) – Marshall Stephens (g) – Jonas Sanders (dr)

Straight to the Dome tour. Missed Protection of Hate.

Setlist Undivided:
1. Never Forget
2. No One’s Safe
3. The Line’s Been Crossed
4. The Time is Today
5. Don’t Even Think About It
6. Just Walk Away
7. Don’t Come Near Us
8. Why You Running
9. Until Death
10. Vendetta

Possible setlist Pro Pain:
1. Get Real
2. Sucks to Be You
3. Stand Tall
4. In for the Kill
5. Un-American
6. Neocon
7. No Way Out
8. The Shape of Things to Come
9. Fuck It
10. Draw Blood
11. Unrestrained
12. 3 Minutes of Hate
13. Straight To The Dome
14. Foul Taste of Freedom
15. State of Mind
16. Shine
17. Make War Not Love
18. Bad Blood
19. Crush
20. I Remain

Ticket Pro Pain


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