Dragonforce, Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof, Berlin (DE)

Price: 22€

Support: Huntress, Kissin Dynamite

Lineup Kissin Dynamite: Johannes Braun (voc) – Ande Braun (g) – Jim Müller (g) – Steffen Haile (b) – Andi Schnitzer (dr)

Lineup Huntress: Jill Janus (voc) – Blake Meahl (g) – Ian Alden (g) – Eric Harris (b) – Carl Wierzbicky (dr)

Lineup Dragonforce: Marc Hudson (voc) – Herman Li (g) – Sam Totman (g) – Frédéric Leclercq (b) – Vadim Pruzhanov (keyb) – Dave Mackintosh (dr)

‘The Power Within World Tour’.
The concert took place in the “Beutel” room.

Setlist Kissin Dynamite:
1. Sleaze Deluxe
2. Sex Is War
3. Addicted To Metal
4. Welcome To The Jungle
5. I Will Be King
6. Operation Supernova
7. Money, Sex & Power

Setlist Huntress:
1. Senecide
2. Spell Eater
3. Children
4. Snow Witch
5. Sleep and Death
6. The Tower
7. Night Rape
8. Eight of Swords

Setlist Dragonforce:
1. Holding On
2. Heroes of Our Time
3. Seasons
4. Fury of the Storm
5. Die by the Sword
6. Operation Ground and Pound
7. Fields of Despair
8. Storming the Burning Fields
9. Through the Fire and Flames
10. Cry Thunder
11. Valley of the Damned


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