Firewind, SO36, Berlin (DE)

Price: 23,60€

Support: Leaves’ Eyes

Lineup Leaves’ Eyes: Liv Kristine (voc) – Alexander Krull (keyb, voc) – Thorsten Bauer (g) – Sander van der Meer (g) – JB van der Wal (b) – Felix Born (dr)

Lineup Firewind: Apollo Papathanasio (voc) – Gus G. (g) – Bob Katsionis (g, keyb) – Petros Christodoulidis (b) – Johan Nunez (dr)

“Few Against Many” European Tour 2012. It was the first time Firewind played in Berlin.

Possible setlist Leaves’ Eyes:
1. Spirit’s Masquerade
2. Velvet Heart
3. Ocean’s Way
4. My Destiny
5. Melusine
6. Emerald Island
7. Kråkevisa
8. Take The Devil In Me
9. Elegy
10. To France
11. Frøya’s Theme

Possible setlist Firewind:
1. Wall of Sound
2. Head Up High
3. Destination Forever
4. Few Against Many
5. Insanity
6. World on Fire / Guitar Solo
7. The Fire and the Fury
8. Losing My Mind
9. Mercenary Man / Keyboard Solo
10. Angels Forgive Me
11. Glorious
12. Till the End of Time
13. I Am The Anger
14. Tyranny
15. Into the Fire
16. Breaking the Silence (with Liv Kristine)
17. Falling To Pieces

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