Black Label Society, Werk2, Leipzig (DE)

Price: 31,15€

Support: Kobra and the Lotus, Tracer

Lineup Kobra and the Lotus: Kobra Paige (voc) – Timothy Vega (g) – Jasio Kulakowski (g) – Pete Dimov (b) – Griffin Kissack (dr)

Lineup Tracer: Michael Brown (voc, g) – Leigh Brown (voc, b) – Andre Wise (dr)

Lineup Black Label Society: Zakk Wylde (voc, g) – Nick Catanese (g) – John DeServio (b) – Chad Szeliga (dr)

Crusade of the Order – Europe 2012 tour.
The concert was initally scheduled in the Halle A but they moved it to the much smaller Halle D because of lack of ticket sales…
Kobra and the Lotus is a band from Canada and Tracer are from Australia. Tracer were really good, with a kick-ass cover from War Pigs.
BLS were really good and it was great to see the band in an “intimate” venue.

Setlist Kobra and the Lotus:
1. Nayana
2. Welcome to My Funeral
3. Forever One
6. 50 Shades of Evil

Setlist Tracer:
1. All Look The Same
2. Wrecking Ball
3. The Bitch
4. Louder Than This
5. Spaces in Between
6. Too Much
7. Walk Alone / War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)

Setlist Black Label Society:
1. Crazy Horse
2. Funeral Bell
3. Bleed for Me
4. Demise of Sanity
5. Overlord
6. Parade of the Dead
7. In This River
8. Fire it Up / Guitar Solo
9. Godspeed Hell Bound
10. The Blessed Hellride
11. Suicide Messiah
12. Concrete Jungle
13. Stillborn

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