Freygang, Kesselhaus, Berlin (DE)

Special concert for the birthday of André Greiner-Pol, who died in 2008 but who would have been 60 this day.
The first band to play was a special band with Kay Lutter (from Freygang/ In Extremo) on bass, Michael R. Rhein (from In Extremo) on vocals, Gunnar Schröder (from Dritte Wahl) on guitar, Stefan Ladwig (from Dritte Wahl) on drums and Pymonte (from In Extremo) on bagpipes.
Then played Seemansbraut with Delia Müller on vocals, Kay Lutter on bass…
Then played Neues Glas aus Alten Schreben: Dirk Schlömer (g, voc) – Leander Reininghaus(b, voc) – Snorre Schwarz (dr, voc)

Lineup Freygang: Tatjana Besson (voc, b) – Egon Kenner (g) – Brian Bosse (voc, g) – Maik Smolle (dr) – Andreas Kick (keyb, b)

Freygang played with a lot of guests, including Frank Tröger (from Die Firma), Jörg Schütze (from Monokel), Key Pankonin (from Ich Funktion), Thomas Schreiber, Oliver Rieck and Matthias Meißner (from Fluchtweg). Their setlist included a cover from Iggy Pop and The Stooges (I wanna be your dog).

Next to play were:
Crushing Caspars: Snoopy (voc, g) – Timmer (g, voc) – Börn (b, voc) – Mäxx Hämma (dr)
Herbst in Peking: Rex Joswig (voc) – Alexander Istschenko (g) – Tom Krimi (g)
Grüßaugust: Frolln Bartkamm (voc) – Herr Springborn (g) – Herr Schlaf (b, voc) – Herr Jany (dr)


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