Machine Head, Alter Schlachthof, Dresden (DE)

Price: 39,95€

Support: Hatebreed, Bleeding Through

Lineup Bleeding Through: Brandan Schieppati (voc) – Brian Leppke (g) – Dave Nassie (g) – Ryan Wombacher (b) – Marta Peterson (keyb) – Derek Youngsma (dr)

Lineup Hatebreed: Jamey Jasta (voc) – Wayne Lozinak (g) – Frank Novinec (g) – Chris Beattie (b) – Matt Byrne (dr)

Lineup Machine Head: Robb Flynn (voc, g) – Phil Demmel (g) – Adam Duce (b) – Dave McClain (dr)

The Black Procession tour
I arrived just 10mn before Machine Head took the stage. One of the best concert I’ve ever been to, the venue, the sound and the band were excellent.

Setlist Machine Head:
1. Clenching the Fists of Dissent
2. Imperium
3. Take My Scars
4. A Nation On Fire
5. Ten Ton Hammer
6. Now I Lay Thee Down
7. Beautiful Mourning
8. Aesthetics of Hate
9. Old
10. Descend the Shades of Night
11. Exhale The Vile
12. Bulldozer
13. Struck A Nerve
14. Halo
15. Davidian

~ by alifeofconcerts on February 13, 2010.

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