Overkill, SO36, Berlin (DE)

Support: Suicidal Angels, Savage Messiah, Cripper

Lineup Cripper: Britta Elchkuh (voc) – Christian Knitzel (g) – Jonathan (g) – Bass-T (b) – Dennis Weber (dr)

Lineup Savage Messiah: Dave Silver (voc, g) – Sy Taplin (g) – Sasha Cron (b) – Ernie Nogara (dr)

Lineup Suicidal Angels: Nick (voc, g) – Panos (g) – Angel (b) – Orfeas (dr)

Lineup Overkill: Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth (voc) – Dave Linsk (g) – Derek “The Skull” Tailer (g) – D.D. Verni (b) – Ron Lipnicki (dr)

Killfest Tour 2010, 25th anniversary tour.
Missed Cripper (from Hannover) and Savage Messiah (from London). Suicidal Angels (Athens) plays fast thrash metal. Great concert from Overkill, great crowd, the SO36 was nearly full.

Possible Setlist Overkill:
1. The Green And Black
2. Rotten To The Core
3. Battle
4. Powersurge
5. Hello From The Gutter
6. Overkill
7. Ironbound
8. In Union We Stand
9. Bare Bones
10. Feel The Fire
11. Skull And Bones
12. Gasoline Dream
13. Bring Me The Night
14. Elimination
15. Necroshine
16. Old School
17. Fuck You / Sonic Reducer


~ by alifeofconcerts on February 12, 2010.

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