Testament, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (GB)

Price: 20£ (23€)
Support: Warbringer – Anaal Nathrakh

Lineup Warbringer: John Kevill (voc) – John Laux (g) – Adam Carroll (g) – Ben Bennett (b) – Nic Ritter (dr)

Lineup Anaal Nathrakh: Dave Hunt (voc) – Mick Kenny (g) – Ventnor (g) -Misery (b) – St. Evil Theoktony (dr)

Lineup Testament: Chuck Billy (voc) – Eric Peterson (g) – Alex Skolnick (g) – Greg Christian (b) – Paul Bostaph (dr)

European Summer Hell tour
Missed Warbringer. Anaal Nathrakh was not really my taste. Testament played a relatively short set, good sound from were I was. Alex Skolnick is just phenomenal.

Setlist Warbringer (as found on setlist.fm):
1. Total War
2. Severed Reality
3. Living in a Whirlwind
4. At the Crack of Doom
5. Jackal
6. Prey for Death
7. Combat Shock

Setlist Anaal Nathrakh (as found on setlist.fm):
1. In the Constellation of the Black Widow
2. I Am the Wrath of Gods and the Desolation of the Earth
3. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
4. The Final Absolution
5. Submission Is for the Weak
6. More of Fire Than Blood
7. Solifugae
8. Der Hölle Rache Kocht In Meinem Herzen
9. The Lucifer Effect
10. The Destroying Angel
11. Do Not Speak
12. Pandemonic Hyperblast

Setlist Testament (as found on setlist.fm):
1. The Preacher
2. The New Order
3. Over the Wall
4. Practice What You Preach
5. More Than Meets the Eye
6. The Persecuted Won’t Forget
7. Burnt Offerings
8. Into the Pit
9. Souls of Black
10. Disciples of the Watch
11. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
12. 3 Days in Darkness
13. The Formation Of Damnation

Ticket Testament


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