Kreator, Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin (DE)

Support: Caliban, Eluveitie, Emergency Gate

Lineup Emergency Gate: Matthias Kupka (voc) – Vlad Doose (g) – Udo Simon (g) – Mario Lochert (b) – Daniel Schmidle (keyb) – Christoph Rybak (synth) – Chris Widmann (dr)

Lineup Eluveitie: Christian „Chrigel“ Glanzmann (voc, g) – Siméon Koch (g, voc) – Ivo Henzi (g) – Anna Murphy (voc, hurdy-gurdy) – Meri Tadic (voc, vielle) – Päde Kistler (g, bagpipes) – Kay Brem (b) – Merlin Sutter (dr)

Lineup Caliban: Andreas Dörner (voc) – Denis Schmidt (g) – Marc Görtz (g) – Marco Schaller (b) – Patrick Grün (dr)

Lineup Kreator: Miland Petrozza (voc, g) – Sami Yli-Sirniö (g) – Christian Giesler (b) – Jürgen Reil (dr)

Chaos Over Europe Tour. We arrived just for the last 3 songs of the Caliban set, I didn’t like it at all. The venue was half empty during Kreator, they could have played in the ColumbiaClub and it would have been much better… I even have the feeling there were more people for Caliban ! Strange considering Kreator is one of the oldest and one of the best German thrash metal band and they played the capital city. Anyway…
The Huxley’s is really not a good place for rock concerts, let alone thrash metal concerts. The walls are all white and reflecting a lot of light, the two bars have a lot of lights too and in the end there is more light on the crowd than on the stage. Kreator was ok, not impressive neither, good setlist.

Setlist Kreator:
1. Intro
2. Hordes Of Chaos
3. Warcurse
4. Extreme Agression
5. Phobia
6. Voices Of The Dead
7. Enemy Of God
8. Destroy What Destroys You
9. Pleasure To Kill
10. People of the Lie
11. Coma of Souls
12. Violent Revolution
13. Terrible Certainty
14. Betrayer
15. Amok Run
16. Riot of Violence
17. Flag of Hate
18. Tormentor

Ticket Kreator


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