Black Label Society, Amager Bio, Copenhagen (DK)

Price: 295 DKK (40€)
Support: Dødning

Lineup Dødning: Mikkel Wad Larsen (voc) – Stephan Riffmaster Krabsen (g) – Jakob Møgelcunt (g) – Søren Nybo Hansen (b) – Aske Kristiansen (keyb, voc) – Jesper Bergstedt (dr)

Lineup Black Label Society: Zakk Wylde (voc, g) – Nick Catanese (g) – Jonh JD Deservio (b) – Craig Nunenmacher (dr)

Amager Bio is a fantastic venue. The first band was a local band. Black Label Society played a little bit more than 1h45. The mood in the public kind of went down a little bit during and after the acoustic and piano songs. Zakk Wylde did the usual stuff, spitting in the air, playing guitar behind his head….

1. New Religion
2. Forever Down
3. Been a Long Time
4. The Beginning… at last
5. Suffering Overdue
6. The Blessed Hellride
7. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
8. Spoke In The Wheel (Piano)
9. In This River (Piano)
10. Bleed for me
11. Suicide Messiah
12. Black Mass Reverends
13. Concrete Jungle
14. Fire It Up
15. Stillborn

Ticket Black Label Society





~ by alifeofconcerts on November 28, 2008.

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