Biohazard, ColumbiaClub, Berlin (DE)

Price: 25€
Support: Final Prayer, Übergas

Lineup Final Prayer: Stephan (voc) – Mac (g) – Flo (g) – Felix (b) – Pascal (dr)

Lineup Übergas: Krispin K (voc) – Manni Schmidt (g) – Gudze “The Mad Scientist” (b) – G-Man (dr)

Lineup Biohazard: Evan Seinfeld (voc, b) – Billy Graziadei (voc, g) – Bobby Hambel (g) – Danny Schuler (dr)

Biohazard on their 20th anniversary reunion tour. Missed Übergas, Final Prayer, a local band from Kreuzberg, was kind of boring. I wished Biohazard had played “Lack there of”, but the setlist was quite good, lots of old songs. Around 30 people from the public were on stage during the 2nd song because Evan Seinfeld said he wanted some chaos…

Setlist Biohazard:
1. Victory
2. Shades Of Grey
3. What Makes Us Tick
4. Tales From The Hard Side
5. Urban Disciple
6. Survival Of The Fittest
7. Black And White And Red All Over
8. Down For Life
9. Chamber Spins Three
10. Retribution
11. Five Blocks To The Subway
12. We’re Only Gonna Die (Bad Religion cover)
13. Love Denied
14. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
15. Punishment
16. How It Is
17. Hold My Own

Ticket Biohazard


~ by alifeofconcerts on November 27, 2008.

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