Ministry, La Cartonnerie, Reims (FR)

Support: Demians, My Uncle The Wolf

Lineup My Uncle The Wolf: Zac Hutton (voc) – George Vasilopolous (g) – Jeff Golden (b) – Joey Debbs (dr)

Lineup Demians: Nicolas Chapel (voc, g) – Antoine Pohu (b) – Gaël Hallier (dr)

Lineup Ministry: Al Jourgensen (voc), Tommy Victor (g), Sin Quirin (g), Tony Campo (b), John Bechdel (keyb), Aaron Rossi (dr)

C U LaTouR
Apparently the last tour from Ministry…

1. Let’s Go
2. The Dick Song
3. Watch Yourself
4. Life Is Good
5. The Last Sucker
6. No W
7. Waiting
8. Worthless
9. Wrong
10. Rio Grande Blood
11. Senor Peligro
12. Lieslieslies
13. Khyber Pass
14. What a Wonderful World

Lineup Ministry


~ by alifeofconcerts on June 14, 2008.

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