Fishbone, Knaack, Berlin (DE)

Lineup Fishbone: Angelo Moore (voc, sax), John Norwood Fisher (b, voc), Rocky George (g), John “Wet Daddy” Steward (dr), John Mcknight (trombone, voc, g), Dre Gipson (key, voc), Curtis Storey Jr. (trumpet, voc)

Possible setlist:
1. Skank n’ Go Nutts
2. The Suffering
3. Party With Saddam
4. Everyday Sunshine
5. Ma & Pa
6. Date Rape
7. Jackass Brigade
8. Bonin’ in the Boneyard
9. Behind Closed Doors
10. Cholly
11. Alcoholic
12. Frey’d Fucking Nerve Endingz
13. Let Dem Ho’s Fight
14. Freddie’s Dead
15. Party At Ground Zero

Ticket Fishbone

~ by alifeofconcerts on July 3, 2007.

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