Michael Schenker Group, ColumbiaClub, Berlin (DE)

Support: Nikki Puppet

Lineup Nikki Puppet: Nicky Gronewold (voc) – Christos Mamalitsidis (g) – Anke Sobek (b) – Florentin Adolf (dr)

Lineup Michael Schenker Group: Jari Tiura (voc) – Michael Schenker (g) – Wayne Findlay (g, keyb) – Rev Jones (b) – Pete Holmes (dr)

Nikki Puppet is a German band from Hannover.
MSG during the Tales of Rock ‘n’ Roll World Tour.

Possible setlist:
1. Assault Attack
2. Ready To Rock
3. Let It Roll
4. Dust To Dust
5. Love Trade
6. Angel Of Avalon
7. Lights Out (UFO cover)
8. Into The Arena
9. Shadow Lady
10. Too Hot To Handle (UFO cover)
11. On And On
12. Only You Can Rock Me (UFO cover)
13. Armed And Ready
14. But I Want More
15. Aracnophobia
16. Doctor Doctor (UFO cover)
17. Rock Bottom (UFO cover)

No ticket.


~ by alifeofconcerts on June 3, 2006.

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