Steve Vai, ColumbiaClub, Berlin (DE)

Support: Eric Sardinas

Lineup Eric Sardinas: Eric Sardinas (voc, g) – Levell Price (b) – Bernie Pershey (dr)

Lineup Steve Vai: Steve Vai (g) – Dave Weiner (g) – Billy Sheehan (b) – Tony McAlpine (keyb) – Jeremy Colson (dr)

“Real Illusions: Reflections” Tour.
3h concert ! And I was really hoping for Tender Surrender but even without this song the concert was excellent.

1. Glorious
2. The audience is listening / Band introduction
3. Building the church
4. Crying machine
5. Km pee du wee / Dave’s Solo
6. The reaper
7. Whispering a prayer
8. Freak show excess / Toni’s keyboard Solo

9. Strumming
10. Melissa’s garden
11. Sisters
12. The boy/girl song
13. Red bull
14. Call it sleep
15. Pusa road / Jeremy’s drum Solo

16. Midway creatures
17. The suspense is killing me (from Billy’s solo record “Cosmic troubadour” with bass solo)
18. Becoming
19. Lotus feet
20. Get the hell out of here

21. Liberty
22. My guitar wants to kill your Mama (Frank Zappa cover)
23. For the love of God

Ticket Steve Vai


~ by alifeofconcerts on October 17, 2005.

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