Faith No More, Le Transbordeur, Lyon (FR)

Lineup Faith No More: Mike Patton (voc) – John Hudson (g) – Billy Gould (b) – Roddy Bottum (keyb) – Mike Bordin (dr)

Album of the Year Tour

1. Midnight Cowboy (John Barry cover)
2. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us (Sparks cover)
3. Midlife Crisis
4. Naked in Front of the Computer
5. Ashes to Ashes
6. Stripsearch
7. Easy (Commodores cover)
8. Introduce Yourself
9. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
10. Last Cup Of Sorrow
11. Land of Sunshine
12. King for a Day
13. We Care a Lot
14. Get Out
15. Just a Man
16. This Guy Is In Love With You (Burt Bacharach cover)
17. As the Worm Turns
18. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
19. Pristina


~ by alifeofconcerts on December 8, 1997.

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