Sepultura, Le Transbordeur, Lyon (FR)

Support: Mass Hysteria

Lineup Mass Hysteria: Mouss (voc) – Erwan (g) – Yann (g) – Stephan (b) – Pascal (turntables) – Raphaël (dr)

Lineup Sepultura: Max Cavalera (voc, g) – Andreas Kisser (g) – Paolo Jr. (b) – Igor Cavalera (dr)

“Tribalism Across the World” tour.
The concert was so short that when we came out it was still daylight… I was quite disappointed by one of my favorite band.

Setlist Sepultura:
1. Roots Bloody Roots
2. Spit
3. Monólogo ao Pé do Ouvido (Chico Science & Nação Zumbi cover)
4. Breed Apart
5. Dusted
6. Propaganda
7. Troops of Doom
8. Ambush
9. Slave New World / Chaos B.C.
10. Refuse/Resist
11. Territory
12. Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells
13. Biotech Is Godzilla
14. Ratamahatta / Kaiowas

Ticket Sepultura


~ by alifeofconcerts on July 2, 1996.

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