24 Heures de l’INSA, Campus de la Doua, Villeurbanne (FR)

Free open air concert during the 21st “24 Heures de l’INSA” festival with the following bands: Le voyage de Noz (from Lyon), FNOG (from Lyon), Kebab’s (from Lyon), Solution H (from Lyon), Marauder’s (from Mulhouse), Tonynara (from Lyon), Mayonaise (from Rennes), Aspirine (from Rouen) and Nutshells (from Toulouse)

Lineup Le Voyage de Noz: Stéfan Pétrier (voc) – Erik Clapot (g) – Henry Dolino (b) – Philippe Prohom (keyb) – Yanic Cadenas (dr)

Lineup FNOG:

Lineup Kebab’s: Pierre-Emmanuel Poizat (voc) – François Payrastre (g) – Gilles Gallet (g) – Salah Kamel (b) – Samuel Chagnard (sax) – Hieu De Pham Trong (dr)

Lineup Marauder’s: Claude Prat (voc, g), Eric Mutschler (g, voc), Marc Schirk (b), Corinne Jacquemin (dr)

Lineup Tonynara:

Lineup Mayonaise:

Lineup Solution H: Julien (?) – Gérald (?)

Lineup Aspirine:

Lineup Nutshells:


~ by alifeofconcerts on May 20, 1995.

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