Faith No More, Le Transbordeur, Lyon (FR)

Support: L7

Lineup L7: Suzi Gardner (voc, g) – Donita Sparks (g, voc) – Jennifer Finch (b) – Demetra Plakas (dr)

Lineup Faith No More: Mike Patton (voc) – Jim Martin (g) – Billy Gould (b) – Roddy Bottum (keyb) – Mike Bordin (dr)

Angel Dust tour

1. Caffeine
2. Falling To Pieces
3. Land Of Sunshine
4. Zombie Eaters
5. Midlife Crisis
6. Chinese Arithmetic
7. RV
8. Surprise! You’re Dead!
9. Be Aggressive
10. Introduce Yourself
11. Easy (Lionel Richie cover)
12. Crack Hitler
13. We Care A Lot
14. Woodpecker From Mars
15. Jizzlobber
16. Epic >”Free Your Mind”
17. Everything’s Ruined
18. Let’s Lynch The Landlord (Dead Kennedys cover)
19. Edge Of The World
20. A Small Victory

Ticket lost…


~ by alifeofconcerts on December 9, 1992.

2 Responses to “Faith No More, Le Transbordeur, Lyon (FR)”

  1. this setlist is wrong, i was there and can guarantee (?) the final track was jizzlobber, 900% sure. opening track was the final countdown. sorry if you can prove me wrong of course !

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